Ma vie en France

The start to my time in France has genuinely been one of the most relaxed, lovely weeks ever. Whilst I am of course still studying and attend language classes, I am soaking in all the joy possible from this final part of my Year Abroad. For this first post about France, I thought I'd give... Continue Reading →


Food in Vienna: Much more than just Schnitzel

Home to the world-famous Schnitzel and menus brimming with dishes of dumplings and meat, believe it or not, there is a whole other side to the Viennese food scene; from cakes adorned with gold leaf in renowned cafes, to international cuisine and a growing hipster scene. There are two flavours you’ll notice a high propensity... Continue Reading →

Summer in Vienna

Vienna truly comes alive in the summer; the streets are buzzing with excitable tourists, beautiful flowers bloom in the magnificent gardens and a glorious street café culture has awoken, meaning there is really no better place to enjoy beautiful weather and culture. Vienna is of course renowned for its arts, and the city is steeped... Continue Reading →

Waltzing in Vienna

While I’ve never been one for a bucket list, learning to ballroom dance would firmly be at the top of mine if I were to have one. Perhaps it’s the timeless elegance of the dresses and ballrooms, or just years of watching Strictly Come Dancing growing up, but I’ve always secretly dreamt of possessing the... Continue Reading →

Prague: A city of history

Prague is often referred to as the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, and, standing beside the castle looking down over the river Vltava and the picturesque old red roofs, it’s easy to understand why. Prague is a simply lovely old city; there are cobbled streets and alleys to discover, large squares overlooked by magnificent churches... Continue Reading →

A snapshot of life in Vienna

From huge pillows to snow poles and banging on desks, the start to my time in Austria has involved learning a whole lot about Viennese culture. Vienna is a culture capital – everywhere you go you are surrounded by history and tradition, whether that be music, architecture, art, or magnificent dancing horses. The stunning buildings... Continue Reading →

A week in amazing Beijing

Beijing is one of the most incredible places I’ve visited. For me, this holiday was very different to the travelling I’ve been doing in the past few years given that I do not speak a word of Chinese.  It felt incredibly strange to be in a very foreign place, where even the culture and local... Continue Reading →

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